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About Us

Thank you for visiting Preparedness Zone.

Preparedness Zone is a perfect partnership of self-reliance and emergency preparedness professionals melded with the industry's top technology masters bringing you the best of both worlds in one, simple, on-line education center and store. Every time you visit you will be fed a wealth of information from our own decades of experience plus advice from other knowledgeable minds. Our first goal is to educate and then help you save on the things you really need, based on your individual circumstances.

We readily recognize that each of us is different and our personal, family and community needs will often differ from others. While there are basics that apply in almost all circumstances such as the need for water, shelter and security in an emergency, there are other important issues pertaining to prevention through self-reliance and knowing what to do before an emergency occurs.

Be aware of the constant changes around us by recognizing trends and sorting through the comments of others. Continually learning makes it easy to live better and prepare for potential disasters. Knowledge is the Key and Preparedness Zone is the Master Locksmith. Let us help you in your quest to improve your state of preparedness.

Come back often; we look forward to hearing from you and helping you in any way possible. We appreciate your trust and your business. Together we will live better and worry less.

Even though there are many frightening events happening all around the world, gaining knowledge and understanding helps us to be calm and act rationally before, during and after emergencies. Our philosophy of preparedness can be easily understood by reading this version of "I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows" and with our help, you can too.

To your success and safety,

The entire staff of Preparedness Zone
[email protected]