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One Day

Tuesday 13th May 2014

An editorial comment by Roger K. Young:
Let’s be honest.... throughout history, many terrible doom and gloom prophecies
have been made. The flood during Noah’s time; the complete destruction of
Jerusalem (a couple of times); the devastating U.S. Civil War, the three days of
darkness and the destruction of things in America at the death of the Christ, etc. 
(This list could be several pages long.)
The KEY POINT IS SIMPLY THIS. Most people ignored those
warnings...because they hadn’t happened prior to their actually happening. (Think
about it.) They might have heard the prophecies for many years, perhaps all of
their lives, and they had not happened...yet. Therefore most did not prepare. 
Bottom line... most people ignore prophecies of bad things. 
ONE DAY, people woke up and went about their normal routines. The very next
day... their whole world was turned upside down. Life as they had known it for
perhaps all of their lives...completely changed. Many, if not most people, in a lot
of these instances died...because they had not prepared. 
ONE DAY in the days of Noah... it actually started to rain, and wouldn’t stop.
ONE DAY the Romans surrounded Jerusalem and killed everyone in the city...no
ONE DAY the Jews were rounded up and put into concentration camps.
ONE DAY the bombs started dropping in Poland. And then France. And then
GRI Newsletter 2014 © Roger Young 2014 all rights reserved Page -5-
England. And then Honolulu. 
This history list could go on for a very long time. But let’s talk about current
ONE DAY we will wake up and find gas at $10 a gallon. (And a some months
later it will be at $50 a gallon.) 
ONE DAY we will wake up and the electricity will not be on...because there isn’t
any available. And the blackout will last a day, or two, or a week, or more.
ONE DAY we will wake up and find that the entire internet has been taken over,
and that it is being totally censored. We will not be able to get any news or
information that has not come from government approved sources. (In other
words, only ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, White House News, Huffington Report,
NAACP News, GLAD Progressive News, will be available.) 
ONE DAY we will wake up and find all of the banks, savings and loans, credit
unions closed...and we will not be able to access any of our monies. 
ONE DAY we will wake up and find that the paper money we use, won’t buy
anything. It has become worthless.
ONE DAY we will wake up and the government will have implemented food and
gas rationing because they have taken control over the food and gas. And to get
our food and gas rations...we have to accept a government ID “chip” into our
hands and swear allegiance to the head of the government...instead of the
ONE DAY we will wake up to find some of our friends and neighbors have gone
camping in the mountains as a group, and they have taken their food storage and
guns with them. They have gone to “get ready.”
ONE DAY we will wake up to find that the CDC is announcing that the United
States has been hit with a major biological attack...and that we need to self
quarantine in our houses for weeks at a time. If we do leave our houses, we will
be shot on sight.
GRI Newsletter 2014 © Roger Young 2014 all rights reserved Page -6-
ONE DAY we will wake up and find that a national state of emergency has been
declared and Obama has initiated the NDAA law, which officially allows him to set
aside completely all provisions of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, all Legal
law, all Supreme Court Decisions, to dismiss Congress, and essentially become
the dictator/king of America.
One evening, in the middle of the night, we will find our door being broken down
and the Federal Police forcing our families out of bed and on the floor to be taken
to concentration camps because we have been declared Christians and therefore
potential domestic terrorists. 
ONE DAY we will wake up to find that a massive EMP event has happened and
there is no electricity, no food, no water, and that there are roving gangs who are
killing people for their food and water. 
One more historical thought:
ONE DAY I imagine that the sun was probably shining and the large crowds had
gathered again as they had for so long, to laugh at Noah. When suddenly to their
amazement they saw the animals starting to gather and enter the ark. News
went out and the very next day, tremendous crowds gathered to make fun and to
laugh and to see the spectacle. The following day, even more crowds came. 
Each day the crowds got bigger and Noah would take a few minutes to plead with
them to believe his words about the coming flood and come into the ark with him
and his family. They all laughed and jeered...but they were amazed at the
animals coming from all over, all quietly going into the ark in an orderly fashion. 
After seven days of growing crowds, the last of the animals were in the ark. Noah
made one last plea and then entered the ark himself. The crowds laughed and
taunted about the door being open and how the ark was going to sink with such a
big hole in it. Others asked how was Noah going to close it, when suddenly, the
crowds hushed as the massive door creaked and then slowly raised up until the
huge hole was closed. The crowds burst into a million conversations about how
Noah had done “the door closing trick” when people started pointing upwards in
the sky. They stared in amazement as the few white wispy clouds in the sky
suddenly started to multiply and spread outward and to turn dark. They had
never before seen such a sight. 
The wind started to blow, then it started to blow hard. Within hours the wind was
at a force that no one had ever experienced. The sky had now turned quite dark
GRI Newsletter 2014 © Roger Young 2014 all rights reserved Page -7-
as the crowds started to head home and seek shelter. The sounds of distant
thunder, which they had never before heard, pealed in the distance. Then
suddenly, there was lightning around them. The thunder was so close it was ear
shattering and the wind near hurricane force when the first drops of rain started.
Then it started to pour rain in huge sheets. 
The lightning lit up the ground as the huge bolts hit the earth again and again. 
The incessant thunder shook the earth, and then the earth itself heaved. Then it
heaved again. The people were in panic mode now as they fled for safety. 
Some, started pounding on the sides of the ark now begging for Noah to let them
in, but he couldn’t because he did not control the door, God had closed it. 
There was now a shaking of the earth that did not stop. It grew and grew until a
person could not even stand upright. People were now crawling upon the ground
seeking shelter amidst the rain, the mud, the dark, and the wind. Unbelievably,
the rain poured even harder, so hard and so thick it was hard to see even when
the lightning struck. Then, there was a huge, massive ripping of the earth that
seemed to go on forever...
It had only been the day before that everything was so peaceful and bright and
sunny. Life had pretty much gone on as it had for the last hundred years. They
had gotten used to the corruption, the violence, the murders, the immorality. It
had become a part of their lives. Besides, they had found that if you played the
game right you could make some good money, or have some good times. 
They watched the last sign of the impending calamity, so long foretold, of the
animals coming peacefully and entering the ark. But, people ignored that sign as
they had ignored all of the previous signs that had occurred over the years, many
that had happened during the last couple of years. Then ONE DAY the door
closed and the wind started to blow.