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Solar Charge Controllers...PWM vs. MPPT

Tuesday 3rd December 2013

While both types of controllers use advanced computer technology in taking electricity from Solar Panels/Wind Generators/Hydro Generators, they feed the energy into a battery bank and help prevent overcharging of the battery bank, there are subtle differences in how they work: 

*The charge controller circuit of a MPPT controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking) unit is designed to convert the voltage from your alternative power sources to the voltage optimum for maximum transfer of power to the battery (or grid via a grid tie system) providing the maximum power transfer.

*A PWM charge controller does not operate to optimize power transfer to the batteries. Instead it is optimized to extend the life of the batteries (huge money saver in the long run). By applying higher voltage in short bursts PWM controllers essentially clean off the lead plates that are a central part of the battery storage system, increasing the life of the batteries and thereby saving you more money.

About the author: Roger K. Young