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24' Geodesic Shelter
24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter 24' Geodesic Shelter

24' Geodesic Shelter

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Our Vital Domes 24' geodesic shelter is roomy and large inside. Emergency living doesn't have to be crowded, uncomfortable, with limited personal space. We've combined the natural, open, free feeling that only dome's have with a relaxing, well ventilated interior and our optional passive solar heating window to keep you and your family comfortable regardless of the season or weather.

Originally priced at $4995 (literally thousands below our competition's lower quality tents), we have slashed the price in half to only $2495 so everyone can have a safe and comfortable shelter for recreation and just in case things get really bad.

Standard Package Includes

  • Frame: Standard .922" galvanized steel frame with hardware
  • Top Cap: 18.8oz Poly vinyl cover (8+ year UV life protection)
  • Dome Shell: 18.8oz Poly vinyl cover (8+ year UV life protection)
  • One Door: Weather-tight, zip door
  • Windows: 2 large, weather resistant, zippered windows
  • Anchoring: 45 heavy duty, stainless steel grommet tie-downs
  • Storage Bags: 6 Strut Bags, 1 Door Assembly Bag, 2 Hardware Bags
  • Instructions: Dome care & assembly
  • 1 Year Covering Warranty*

Vital 24 / Self-Assembly Geodesic Emergency Shelter

Give yourself the comfort of a Geodesic Dome Tent by Vital Domes; we are revolutionizing the way Geodesic tents are done.

With over 425 square feet of usable floor area you'll have ample room to sleep 8 to 14 adults plus have space for your gear, wood stove, a days worth of wood, kitchenette, children's play area and seating.

Most Geodesic shelters on the market are a 3/8ths, 24' diameter dome and traditionally have a 9-foot ceiling, offering a 425 +/- square foot floor space. This size is wonderful, however since their dome's sides begin to angle straight from the ground it eliminates a lot of the usable space on the ground since you can't place your cots or other items right against the wall without hitting the angle of the roof. To solve this design drawback the Vital 24' Deluxe uses a 5/8 structure, which allows for a near vertical, 8 foot wall from the floor before it begins to angle. This design also raises the roof from 9 feet to 15 feet allowing for an even roomier, more comfortable, non claustrophobic experience.

Color Options:

  • White -  the standard color is the most popular and the brightest interior.
  • Tan - for those wishing to look a little less harsh - $299
  • Digi Camo - disappear in the forest or brush - $599

Upgrade to three doors

Each door will accept an EXODUS Tent with a Dome Connector - $999

9' x 10' Exodus Tent(s)

  • (1) 9ft x 10ft (Includes frame & angle kit) +$1,095
  • (2) 9ft x 10ft (Includes frame & angle kit) +$2,190
  • (3) 9ft x 10ft (Includes frame & angle kit) +$3,285

‚ÄčExodus Tent Vapor Barrier Flooring $190

Installed Stove Jack (Can only be installed at the time of manufacture)

  • None
  • 5" + $175
  • 6" + $175

Passive Solar Heating Window (Zip in & Removable)

  • None
  • 2 Row Solar Heating Bay Window - Clear +$1,199
  • 2 Row Solar Heating Bay Window - Diffused, Heavy Duty +$1,699

Vapor Barrier Flooring

  • None
  • 18oz Heavy Duty +$455
  • 22oz Extra Heavy Duty +$625


1/2" Rebar Stakes - Dome Comes With 20

  • None
  • Add 20 Stakes +$80
  • Add 40 Stakes +$160
  • Add 60 Stakes +$240
  • Add 80 Stakes +$320
  • Add 100 Stakes +$400


Comfortably sleeps 10+ adults and still has room for all your prep stuff, a kitchenette, wood stove and a pile of wood.

Well Vented

Comes standard with 1 top moisture vent and 2 large side vents designed to keep your gear dry and the air fresh.

No Cabin Fever

Ample room for everyone lifts spirits. Space is good for when the elements are raging outside and you're forced inside.

Built For Privacy

Avoid unwanted attention with optional privacy partitions, a bathroom vestibule and a passive solar window curtain.

Strong, Rugged & Built to Keep Your Family Safe

Every Vital Domes shelter is built to provide long-term safety and reliable protection after the unimaginable has happened. Disasters often come in waves, one after the other. Earthquakes have aftershocks, tornadoes have following thunder storms, hurricanes bring flooding. When it comes to surviving the aftermath of a natural or man made disaster you need a strong shelter you can count on.

UV Protection

Our 18oz polyvinyl cover withstands the sun's intense UV rays for over 7 years of continuous use in the elements.

Resilient Backbone

For affordable, unmatched strength every frame we make is made with a strong, lightweight, galvanized steel.

Time-Tested Materials

From the frame to the cover to the details like the thread, we only use historically proven, top-grade materials.

The Best Survival Systems Are Passive

If chopping, hauling and curing wood 24/7 sounds like fun after a disaster then you may not be interested in our passive solar heating window. It takes about 4 1/2 cords of wood to heat a tent or shelter during the winter. That's 36 feet of wood, 4 feet tall, by 4 feet wide! We call that an active survival system. Our optional passive solar window offers a better way by heating our shelter up to 70 degrees warmer inside than the outside air by using the radiant power of the sun. Consider getting the passive solar "bay" window so you can relax and try to refrain from wielding your axe or growing an unruly mountain-man beard.

Non-Profits, Governments & Groups of Like Minded People

Our shelters have been engineered for use in many applications and every climate. From housing refugees to preparedness groups we offer both group and bulk pricing. If you are interested in organizing a group buy or would like to speak with us about your organizations needs please contact us and we'll get you a bulk buy quote quickly.

Dome Comparison

To make setup easy and to ensure the longevity of our dome covering, our covers are fitted and come in 2 sections which zip together using storm resistant, UV protected, #10 YKK zippers. Most dome tents require pulling the cover over the top of the dome, risking potential tears and friction wear, which can greatly reduce the cover's lifespan.

Our cover's sections are:

    1)   Top Cap - The top three rows of our dome tent are covered with heavy duty, 18.8oz, American made, poly vinyl material similar to our competitions. This fabric is very strong and able to support a significant snow load, moderate hail and is 100% waterproof. It has a life expectancy of 8+ years of direct UV exposure.

    2)   Dome Shell - The bottom two rows are also covered with heavy duty, 18.8oz, American made, poly vinyl which also makes it highly water repellent and mildew resistant. This fabric, when properly cared for can last 25+ years and has a direct UV life expectancy of 8+ years.

Our two-section covers are strong, puncture resistant and weather resistant!

To ensure proper (potentially lifesaving) venting our shell is vented to allow built up moisture and carbon monoxide to escape. Always maintain adequate ventilation inside the dome at all times as death by suffocation is possible. Use of fossil fuel-burning products inside or within immediate proximity of this tent can result in the accumulation of dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide-a colorless, odorless gas. Breathing carbon monoxide will cause serious injury or death. 

Our materials are U.S. made and fabrication is done at our manufacturing facility in southeastern Idaho using the highest-grade materials. Our fabrication standards include using a UV and chemical impervious, PTFE thread for all our sewn seams. This thread retains 98% of its original strength after 5 years of direct UV sunlight. 

Our material standards allow us to offer a durable, reliable product with consistent quality.


Our 24ft geo dome shelter is fourteen feet, two inches tall and is perfect when your long-term sanity means something to you! If you're planning on needing to live in this shelter for more than 1 month you'll appreciate the higher ceiling, increased usable floor space and near vertical walls. Keeping one's sanity during an extended survival situation is priceless!

With nearly 8' tall, vertical walls, the 5/8ths size is ideal for kitchenettes, bunk cots, wood stoves with taller legs, hanging organizers, etc. 

The taller ceiling provides immense overhead space, which can and should be used for storage. Items such as clothing, laundry, lighter foods, blankets, bedding, first aid, etc. can be stored in the overhead cavity. Items such as trampolines can also be suspended where children can sleep.

Fits 12 to 14 cots comfortably with gear, a wood stove and kitchenette.


These American made heat shields are manufactured from 17 oz. silicone coated glass cloth with a solid oval shaped, silicone ring to protect against heat where the stovepipe exits the dome. They measure 18" X 18" square and must be installed at the time of manufacture.

If you are planning on using a Cylinder Stove brand wood stove, we recommend the 5" diameter option.



If you're getting a dome or tent in preparation of what you feel is coming please think this option over carefully.

Using a wood stove to heat a decent sized wall tent or 24' dome for one winter can take as much as 4 1/2 cords of wood. If you're "surviving" in a community of 1,000 tents may mean that wood could immediately become a scarce resource. Our passive solar heating window is a viable source of heat on those cloudless, near zero winter days. This window has the potential to heat the internal temperature as much as 70 degrees warmer than the outside air.

Our passive solar heating window at 175 sqft is both large and broad. Made from high quality marine grade vinyl it will last many years when it is properly taken care of.

Proper use. Turn your dome's bay window to the south during the winter months and to the north in the spring, fall and summer months.

Privacy. If you are getting the passive solar window we strongly recommend adding the separate non-transparent, internal privacy curtain.


Having vapor barrier flooring is a must. Without it, the moisture coming from the ground will quickly saturate everything within the dome.

Our 18oz., heavy-duty, waterproof, mildew resistant, vapor barrier floor will endure many years of abuse but when you know you'll need the extra strength our 22oz floor can't be beat. Both flooring options remain flexible down to -40 degrees F.


The additional 2 doors require cover adjustments, which must be made at the time of manufacturing of the dome shell. 

Door frame components are included.

Note: If you add 2 or more vestibules you will need to upgrade to the three door option.


Our connecting vestibules can be either used as an entryway, bathroom, storage room, kitchen, sleeping quarters, sick-bay, quarantine room or any other use you can think of. 

Every vestibule connects directly to the dome shell cover where a door (opening) has been built into the cover. To add the vestibule to your dome, simply attach the heavy duty, weather resistant baffles to the vestibule and the dome's door.

Our vestibules are approximately 6 1/2 feet tall (with 4 foot vertical walls) by 8 feet wide. All vestibules are 8ft by 10 ft in size.

Every vestibule is covered with our 18.8oz poly vinyl, includes a 10" poly vinyl sod cloth and an 18oz poly vinyl floor and comes with 16 ground anchor points.

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