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Survival Still - Complete
Survival Still - Complete Survival Still - Complete Survival Still - Complete

Survival Still - Complete

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The Survival Still with the Top & Bottom Pots make the perfect system. Save $20 when you order the Survival Still with the top and bottom pots together.

The Survival Still is a non-electric, emergency water distiller. The Survival Still uses the process of distillation, which is recommended by FEMA and Red Cross as the most effective purification method for purifying water during an emergency. The Survival Still is so effective that it can even produce high-purity, sterile drinking water from ocean water for the life of the system.

The Survival Still never needs filters. It’s designed and made in the USA with heavy duty stainless steel and it has no moving parts to break down, which means that if you take care of it, it should last you a very long time. It’s small and compact and is designed to be used in conjunction with standard size pots that you have in your home. The Survival Still is the ultimate emergency drinking water system available today.

Note: The Survival Still does not automatically come with the pot set. You can order the Pot Set by itself for $89. 

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