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Once you can ensure protection from the elements in any emergency, pure water becomes your most important resource. Ensure your ability to acquire pure water no matter your current situation. Learn the most efficient ways to store water to always have some on hand and how to purify other sources of water, no matter where they come from. Bottled water in small containers is recommended with individual serving sizes being best, followed by two liter and one gallon bottles and then five gallon jugs as the largest. Cost, portability and safety are your first priorities.

  • Do not spend hundreds of dollars on bulk storage containers, pumps and filters; spend that money on actual water first.
  • Small containers (pint or half liter bottles) are easier to store, handle, move and share if needed.
  • Each bottle already contains pure water which, if it becomes contaminated once opened, means you only loose that small amount of water.

Water filters and purifiers may be okay to use in limited situations but FEMA and The Red Cross both recommend that filters NOT be used in emergency situations. In emergency situations they recommend ONLY the use of bleach and boiling for purifying some water but they recommend distillation as the safest and best method for purifying water from any source because it also removes all contaminants besides purifying the water.

  • Bleach kills most living organisms but does not remove them. It has no affect on other types of contaminants.
  • Boiling kills most living organisms but does not remove them. In fact, it concentrates the contaminants.
  • Distillations kills living organisms and removes all contaminants including salt, heavy metals, VOCs and radiation from the purified water. This is the number one recommended method for purifying water, even salt water.

So, remember the adage "One is none, two is one and three is just enough." Store as much water as possible and have multiple means and devices necessary to purify additional water as needed. While hiking and backpacking it is impractical to be carrying a distiller. Small water filters are usually best in these circumstances but in emergency situations when you might not really know the source and/or condition of your water, there is no substitute for absolutely pure water from distillation.

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